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The Founder

Mr. Chan Sik Kan

The name of CHAN KAN KEE Chiu Chow Restaurant originated from the name of Mr. Chan Sik Kan, the founder. In 1948, Mr. Chan brought this special recipe along with him from the hometown of Jieyang Chiu Chow  to immigrate to Hong Kong.  At that time, the most hometown immigrants were gathered and located at the Triangle Terminal, (now Bonham Strand West), the Chiu Chow Lane (now known as Heung Hing Lane). The implementation of Chiu Chow immigrants has always marinated sauce [ Lo Shui ] a style of unity and diligence, and gradually CHAN KAN KEE is rooted in the Chiu Chow Lane, Hong Kong.

The second generation

Mr. Chan Kwok Leung

Mr. Chan immigrated to Hong Kong from Jieyang Chiu Chow when he was nine years old.  Since then he was learning the cooking skills of Chiu Chow style of marinated sauce [ Lo Shui ] from his father.  He was a humble person and concentrated with his cooking career.  This inspired him to create such an unique style of cooking from his foods, [ The special tasteful feeling is not only slowly out from the aftertaste and also like a life-style ].

The CHAN KAN KEE was operated at the Chiu Chow Lane from the time of 1948 to 1997 and until Chiu Chow Lane was demolished which operated for nearly half of a century. To maintain the spirit of operation, CHAN KAN KEE relocated at Queen's Road West in Hong Kong ( known as Sheung Wan Main Branch ) since then.

The third generation successor

Ms. Chan Wai Ling

Ms Chan is inheriting the family business which has been running for 70 years by her grandfather and father. She understands to bear the courage and restaurant’s belief from this family's spiritual heritage.

Ms. Chan renovated and remodeled the Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Main Branch in 2010, inherited with [ To be innovation and also keeping the tradition ]. In order to satisfy every cusomters’ expectation, the restaurant

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